California Tiny Homes Provide Huge Opportunities

Feeling stressed about your current living conditions? We can help you learn to ease your life.

California Tiny Homes Provide Huge Opportunities

Feeling stressed about your current living conditions? We can help you learn to ease your life.

California Tiny Homes Provide Huge Opportunities

Feeling stressed about your current living conditions? We can help you learn to ease your life.

A New Approach to Lifestyle, Work & Family!

All this and no mortgage or rent. It’s the Tiny House Lifestyle, Bravo!

The Tiny Home Lifestyle enables you to experience your dreams. Since I’m not stuck with a large mortgage, or rent, I don’t need to work full time and build up a hefty savings account. I don’t have to work so much. I can explore other interests like the arts or seemingly destructive habits that never hurt anyone else but myself. On top of this, the tiny house lifestyle allows me to close-up the house when it’s not needed or even just drain all the plumbing. Then I can go on a long travel journey without having to worry about monthly payments or having renters. Owning less stuff helps weed out stress and unhappiness


Congratulations, you’ve made it past the dark seasons

You’ve waded through murky waters and have finally found dry land. Now’s your chance to settle down in a place where things like mortgages and rent are non-existent for mere mortals – never mind that this idea might sound ridiculous at first glance.

Be proud of yourself and celebrate with all the stationary success symbols. Tiny Home Lifestyle offers their pioneering visionaries like yourself a new life full of design ideas, deep clairvoyant eye-gazing deep trance experiences, and a house of cards of past logs recorded memories on LP vinyl.

Yes – I’m serious!


Minimalism And Tiny Living Are the Things Now

 Say goodbye to all that is unnecessary, from big mortgages to expensive rent and accumulating stuff you bought on sale but will never use.

Embrace a clean slate with The Tiny House Lifestyle

An experience enabler that:


  • Helps you live BIG without being boxed in
  • Let’s you explore other interests in life
  • Play music & learn new things
  • Escape for hours at a time by traveling without restrictions
  • No monthly mortgage payments worrying about renters

Why Tiny Living?

What is the Tiny House Movement?

Tiny houses are small homes that offer a path to a smaller environmental footprint and greater financial freedom. They’re designed for on-the-go folks who want to scratch their wanderlust itches without breaking the bank. Tiny houses can be cozy or luxurious depending on your wallet size. The main thing they have in common is low square footage plus innovative design. In a nutshell it means more affordable housing options. Give it up for living tiny!

Why Consider a Tiny Home Lifestyle?

Tiny living is a lifestyle movement designed to address the current day’s issues, concerns, and problems. If you’re tired of the rat race and want to live better on your own terms, consider settling down in one of our handcrafted tiny homes.

Live your life on your own terms

Downsize and Live Big on a Tiny House Today!

Turn your life around and get rid of the clutter you no longer need. Settle in an easy to build, custom tiny house that lets you live on your own terms.

Create a brand-spankin’ new life for yourself with an easy to build micro-home!

This way of life doesn’t work for everybody, but there’s a movement happening.


We want you to join The Tiny House Movement Today!

You could jump in with both feet and find your way down this modern yet ancient path. In any case, it’ll change how you think about housing. You’ll never want to go back, seriously!

What is a Tiny Home?

A Tiny House is less than 500 square feet, single housing unit. It includes basic necessary amenities like:

  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Washroom
  • Bathroom and
  • Sleeping quarters

Tiny Homes are:

  • Detached or semi-attached
  • Mobile trailer on wheels
  • On a temporary or permanent foundation
  • Customizable
  • Tailored to your individual style and budget
  • Designed and built on inexpensive fundamentals
  • Independent and environmentally sustainable
  • Social inclusion and community based


Tiny living is more than a smaller carbon footprint on the planet and streamlined lifestyle. It’s taking steps towards a more:

  • Continuous
  • Harmonious
  • Living responsibly
  • Caring for the world around us

While you can build them on a foundation, most people build them on trailers they can take them anywhere they please. This construction style is often cited as a THOW (tiny house on wheels).

Looking for a way to minimize your footprint on the environment, cut costs and downsize?

Get ready for Tiny Houses!

Living as an adult in a world where the average home size is 2,600 sq ft can feel wasteful and isolating.

Bigger homes are on their way out amongst youth who want to take advantage of the freedom Tiny Homes offer.

Reduce your living size and budget, yet live comfortably

Tiny living offers:

  • Simplification
  • Sustainability
  • Affordable housing options
  • Less waste and environmental degradation
  • Avoid negative financial consequences for many years


You couldn’t enjoy the same lifestyle with expensive larger homes.

Need a break from it all and the constant busyness of everyday life?

Has your ambition to work on an environmental protection project or write a novel stalled out?

You might be looking for more time in the day, but don’t have 56 hours. Consider living in less space with a Tiny House.

It doesn’t matter if you are single or just prefer to really simplify your life. Downscaling with a Tiny Living Lifestyle makes it possible to design the home perfectly suited for your needs and desires.


Thoughtful features surprise every traveler exploring this space-saving crossbreed home living:

  • Make coffee in the 100 sq ft kitchen
  • Topped off with interior cabinetry made from recycled wood
  • Enjoy fresh cooked meals from homegrown veggies grown under lights just outside your Tiny Home


These homes are under 500 sq ft but have all the amenities you need – kitchen, living room, bathroom and sleeping area. Choose from a permanent foundation on your property’s backyard or mobile solution on a trailer that is customizable because it’s tailored to individual taste and budget.

Designed with sustainability in mind, Tiny House living offers peace of mind by cutting your carbon footprint just enough so that you can still live comfortably without compromising too much space or design.

They are smaller than an average detached home on a 1/4 acre: 100 sq ft (8 x 16) up to 400 sq ft (36 x 160).

What is an ADU?

An accessory dwelling unit (or ADU) is a smaller, independent residential dwelling unit located on the same lot as a stand-alone single-family home.

These structures go by many names including:

  • Accessory apartments
  • Secondary suites
  • Granny flats

ADUs can increase housing affordability for homeowners. They allow people to live in areas where houses might be too expensive. Also have enough space with which to accommodate an extended family or house guests. Provide separate area from their other living spaces.


Established in California in 1979, the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a small residential dwelling independent of the main house on the same land lot. Affordability has always been an issue for renters and homeowners alike. ADUs make that a whole lot easier. Not only do ADUs offer:

  • More spacious living quarters
  • Accommodate growing families
  • Couples with young children
  • Offer those living at home with low-income opportunities to own their own property
  • No need to spend so much as breaking into a sweat

With low to no interest rates available on housing loans from reputable financial institutions only in California.

What is the difference between a tiny house and an ADU?

An ADU is a permanent dwelling that exists besides, near, or in conjunction with a larger, pre-existing home.

Tiny homes, on the other hand, tend to have wheels like RVs. Those micro dwellings that aren’t mobile typically sit on a small parcel of land that does not contain any other buildings.

As such, ADUs can exist nearly anywhere that standard homes already exist, but tiny homes require a special permit or plot of land all to themselves. Consequently, ADUs are far easier to build and approve than most tiny homes.

Lastly, tiny homes tend to be far smaller than ADUs, which can be as large or small as the lot allows!

California only allows building ADUs on existing properties which have a pre-existing house.