It’s rare to find tiny houses on wheels with high ceilings. But on the other hand, low ceilings in a home, regardless of whether it is an older or more modern structure, may make even the largest rooms appear too small.

The poor choice of furnishings, window coverings, or flooring may severely throw off the proportions of space, even though they might make it seem pleasant. There are unique ways to make your tiny house seem taller, and pulling it off is easy.

When you want to make your space’s ceilings look taller, use the available interior area in such a way as to transform a single room or a whole house with some clever ways that are simpler than you think. This article will show you nine ways to provide the impression of a high ceiling in your tiny house.

Put Up Frames on The Walls

Wall framing is quickly gaining popularity, and for a good reason. You may use it to frame important art pieces or other design elements in your space, providing a nice decorative touch to your overall design plan.

Because your eyes are drawn to the picture first before moving on to the wall framing, which is, of course, higher than it is broader to correct the room’s proportions, this solution effectively hides the low ceiling. 

I know, right? The white space surrounding the frame and the ceiling further the illusion of height.

By moving the eye higher, vertical stripes provide the impression of greater height. Bold striped wallpaper frames help you get more vertical space on your walls. Adding broad striped frames to a color scheme of your choice is a great way to make a statement.

Scale Down Some Things

You may reduce a room’s perceived size by the presence of large, bulky pieces of furniture. For height, the same rule applies. Putting furniture low to the ground gives the impression that the ceiling is higher.

Furniture low to the ground and close to the floor is ideal if your tiny house has a low ceiling. However, people also like designs that put function first. Why? Since you can see most of the wall above furniture lower to the floor, it looks like the ceiling is higher.

Choose low-slung furniture like couches, chairs, and tables that let the ceiling breathe by leaving plenty of headroom. Even if you have fancy wallpaper, it’s all about the proportions and how you can mislead the eye.

Use Reflective Surfaces Like Mirrors

Adding bright and reflective light and surfaces is the key to making a cramped space seem more open. Mirrors are helpful in this situation. Tall mirrors are a great way to open up a small area by reflecting light and giving the appearance of a larger space.

If you put mirrors in the right places, light can be reflected around a room with low ceilings to make it look bigger. Smaller restaurants often use this optical illusion by placing mirrors on the top ceiling in the right places.

Use Vertical Patterns

Vertical patterns are the best way to attract a person’s gaze upward. Creating vertical lines on the wall, similar to the curtain tip, is another approach to making a low ceiling appear taller—this will help move a person’s eye upward when they enter your tiny house. 

You can accomplish this effect with various methods, including employing artwork taller than it is broad, tall, narrow windows, or painting a pattern on the wall. For example, there are several wallpaper patterns with vertical stripes, or you may paint them. 

If the stripe pattern is different from your style, try switching between matte and glossy paints of the same color to make a subtle, one-color design instead of one with bright colors that stand out from each other. But, again, only a few strokes will increase the height of your room’s ceilings.

Reduce Brightness

Try to stay away from any overhead illumination or fans. Attaching things to the ceiling, even if they aren’t there permanently, will make the whole space seem lower. 

Instead, choose wall-mounted lighting and think about sconces that give uplighting; this will allow light to stream upwards onto your ceiling, giving the impression of more height.

Pause for Thought

You can remedy any housing issue with a fresh coat of paint, even that of a tiny house on wheels. The color and pattern you choose for the walls dramatically affect how tall a room looks. 

So, choose a light-colored, high-gloss paint or polyurethane if you want your ceiling to reflect light. If you need access to exciting lighting, add a tall plant or another long object to draw attention higher.

With the help of such reflection, one might easily imagine the ceiling to be much higher than it is.

Replace Wall, Floor, and Table Lamps With Overhead Lighting

A central pendant light is often not a good idea if your tiny house has a low ceiling. Lights near the ceiling might make the ceiling look even lower.

Which choice is the best? For example, you could use a wall, floor, and table lamp instead of an overhead light to make the walls and floor look taller by lighting them from below and above. 

Another advantage of these alternatives is that they allow you to divide up a room into distinct areas with the help of light pools, which may make a vast room seem more intimate and make the most of a small one.

Use Coverings for High Windows

You can benefit from these coverings by putting the curtain rods just a few inches above the window sills.

Curtains that go to the floor should hang only an inch above them. In addition to giving much-needed privacy, the curtains will visually make the wall longer.

White Does the Trick

White will do the job well and make the room in your tiny house feel peaceful and beautiful. Choosing a single, uniform color will help blur the lines between rooms and make them look taller.

As finishing touches, a long vase of tall flowers like Eucalyptus lavender or a tall foraged branch that goes all the way to the ceiling and floor lamps work well.