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Tiny Home Builders

Tiny Home Builders in Norwalk

Are you planning on spending your holiday in the beautiful city of Norwalk and needing lodging? Would you like to move to Norwalk but haven’t sorted out accommodation yet? You can start preparing for your trip knowing that we have you covered.

Today, Norwalk is known for its excellent medical facilities and hospitals, but it still has a bit of history in its past. Originally the land of the Shoshonean Native American tribe, Norwalk was eventually settled over by Spanish trappers who lived here until 1791, when it became part of a Mexican land grant that included most of California’s Central Valley.

We are the industry leaders when building perfect modern tiny homes on wheels in Norwalk. We have the best hands and years of expertise in slim house construction. You can depend on us to build your dream tiny home. We offer:

  • Integrity and expertise
  • Years of market knowledge
  • high-grade building supplies
  • Best building plans for tiny homes
  • Incredible client relationships
  • Prompt conveyancing
  • Modern interior designs

Tiny House or Park Model Home Builders in California

Tiny Home Builders California offers over 6 models of modern farmhouse-style tiny homes on wheels. Our tiny home on Wheels typically have unique design elements like Lofts, fireplaces, and apartment-sized appliances.


The ROOMETTE is a winsome trailer that radiates tranquillity and offers a peaceful that also looks very beautiful home to its residents.


This classically inspired farmhouse styled tiny home packs a big punch into a small space with large black windows and a modern interior design.


A stunning rustic, yet refined tiny house on wheels with two spacious lofts, a modern kitchen, and a large bathroom suite.


The SUMMER JOY is a Modern tiny house that tends to take your breath away with its fine design, beautiful appearance and a modish theme.


An affordable tiny house with the basic necessities and a lot of windows throughout. Full kitchen and a full bath make it ideal for all lifestyles.


The MAGNOLIA is a dreamy tiny home, with a private living room, a main floor bedroom with space to walk around the bed, and a functional kitchen with all of the extras.

What’s Different for Tiny Home Builders Norwalk

You can see the city of Norwalk in an entirely different light through its parks. Visit Norwalk Park, home to a beautiful central basketball court with space for other sports. As well as offering a variety of activities if you are visiting, it’s also close to premier attractions, including Knott’s Berry Farm. Alternatively, go to the Norwalk Arts and Sports Complex which has several facilities you can use. If you’re looking for a more leisurely break in the city, pay a visit to Hargitt House – it’s open to the public several times a month and is home to period architecture in Norwalk.

Norwalk is a very diverse city with over 90,000 residents from different walks of life.

Tiny home on wheels

Situated along the waters of Long Island Sound, this city provides easy access to New York City. This is why several global companies have their headquarters set up here. Moreover, Norwalk residents live a high-quality life, with access to first-class modern facilities and institutions such as best-rated schools, distinct neighborhoods, and fantastic health care services. In addition, historic sites, serene parks, and the famous Norwalk River all fill the city with beautiful scenery and lots of incredible outdoor recreation.

In recent years, Norwalk has had impressive growth and development on its social and economic fronts. Many companies, schools, research centers, and media houses are located in Norwalk. With many modern homes and architectural innovations, Norwalk has a booming real estate market.

Tiny homes on wheels have gained popularity in Norwalk and are even supported by the local authorities. In all its residential areas, the City of Norwalk’s land development ordinance recognizes and approves tiny homes with foundations as auxiliary dwelling units. The code, however, stipulates use-specific limits for accessories and a minimum floor space requirement of 400 square feet.

A tiny home on wheels is a mobile housing structure that affords you adequate compact lodging and mobility. Building a tiny house is a wise decision; we are best equipped to help you do so. While you might choose to start building your small home from scratch all by yourself, buying one is preferable, especially for new immigrants. Our pre-built tiny house on wheels features:

  • Lovely contemporary designs
  • Affordable building plans 
  • Several alternatives from which to pick
  • Simple remodeling and renovation
  • Immediate delivery

Our objective at TinyHomeBuilders.com is to provide you with the best tiny house on wheels so you may live your best life in Norwalk.

Fall in Love with Tiny Home Builders Norwalk

If you love nature and want to see some beautiful trees and a pleasant hill, head to Norwalk Park. This is a great place to have a picnic with your family. Watch your kids play with their friends in the playground. The best part is that it’s free! The Hargitt House is another excellent place to visit because it was built in 1891 and has a lot of history surrounding it. Open several times per month, you can see this house to learn more about the city’s past, who lived there, and their daily lives. Ever been on a bicycle? If not, then you should definitely check out the Walnut Street Bicycling Corridor, which goes all throughout Norwalk from one end of town all the way over to South El Monte, California! You can stop at several convenient restaurants or stores along the way.

Tiny Home Builders Norwalk is a certified top-rated building company. Tiny home builders specialize in developing mobile minimalistic lodging facilities throughout several cities and nations. We are Connecticut’s top builders of small houses. We provide our clients with cutting-edge construction tools in addition to years of expertise in design and construction. Over the years, we have built countless tiny homes for commercial and personal use in Florida.

Our tiny houses are constructed with an emphasis on durability and style while at the same time giving room for you to modify your home to your preferences and needs. Although we provide perfect tiny house models to start with, each of our tiny homes order comes customized to meet the needs and preferences of our customers. 

We help you create facilities that are practical for your lifestyle. Here in Norwalk, we have a ton of reasonably priced tiny houses on wheels available for purchase and rental.

At Tiny Home Builders, our homes come with exquisite designs, superior construction, and fine materials. Also, if you want to build your own tiny house, we provide affordable bespoke trailers and tiny house shells at various stages to help you get started.

Tiny homes are the new trend, and we are here to help you build the tiny home of your dreams.

Tiny Home on Wheels, Unique in Every Way

Tiny homes on wheels are remote, individualized mobile housing options. With a tiny home, everything fits into a smaller space saving you the costs and effort required to maintain a big house. 

You can fit your ideal living space, kitchen, bathroom, and room into a space of no more than 4,000 square feet. The usual minimalist living area is far smaller than the average American home. You have less space for baggage and definitely a simpler life.

Since our homes at Tiny Home Builders are constructed on wheels, you may go anywhere in your own house! You also save money by building a tiny house rather than a huge one. Additionally, you get to lighten the load in your life, increasing efficiency.

We are here to provide all the help you need as you begin living a simple lifestyle.

  • Site Due-Diligence / Feasibility Study
  • Site Plan Creation
  • Floor Plan Drafting
  • Electrical Layout
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Exterior and Interior Renderings
  • Roof Plan
  • Interactive Panoramic VR Renderings


  • Q and A Phone Session
  • Email Inquiry Regarding Architectural Design and Turnkey Construction