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Do you want to visit Lynnwood for business or vacation? Are you planning on relocating to Lynnwood and need a place to stay? A tiny home on wheels is your best option. Why not come home to one of these cozy houses and relax after a long day at work? Buy a tiny house on wheels in Lynnwood today and enjoy your stay in the area. Looking for alternative housing in Lynnwood? We’ve got you covered!

Lynnwood is located in Snohomish County, Washington, United States. 

The city is part of the Seattle metropolitan area and is just about 16 miles north of Seattle and 13 miles south of Everett. Its booming real estate market and several other attractions make it a good place to stay. Lynnwood is a great area to live in. Although it is close to Seattle, it is still away from the high cost of living and excess traffic. There are plenty of diverse groups of people living across the whole city. To make the most of your stay in Lynnwood you’ll need an ideal home and a tiny house on wheels is one of your best and most affordable options. The fastest way to get a tiny house on wheels in Lynnwood is to buy one, but you can also rent one if you’re unable to buy one. Get a tiny home on wheels in Lynnwood today.

If you need the best tiny home on wheels in Lynnwood, we are your best bet. We have the needed experience and expertise that it takes to build the best tiny house. Our customers trust us to build their tiny homes because we are respectable and reliable. We practice important values that help us deliver the best jobs. They include:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Building with high-quality materials
  • Elegance and sustainability
  • Modern designs

All these are incorporated into our tiny homes to ensure you have the best experience when you live in one.

Tiny Home Builders Lynnwood

Lynnwood is the ideal starting point for unique outdoor recreation, one-of-a-kind shopping, wine tastings, and casinos among several others. You can hike a mountain trail, float a river, or shop till you drop at Alderwood, Lynnwood’s destination shopping center. Lynnwood offers visitors a golf course, public art, historic Heritage Park, beautiful city parks, hiking trails, an aquatic center, and an extensive selection of dining options.

The city is very diverse with over thirty thousand residents, all from different groups and walks of life. This city provides easy access to Seattle without the stress of city life. Several global companies have set up shops in the city. The high quality of living, with access to the most modern public services, makes Lynnwood appealing to residents, immigrants, and visitors. The city is filled with beautiful scenery and loads of outdoor recreation areas.

Tiny home on wheels

The impressive growth and development that Lynnwood has had both socially and economically in the last few years have made it a go-to area for many people looking to relocate to Washington.

Tiny homes on wheels have become a popular growing movement in Lynnwood. Even the local authorities support the tiny home movement in all of its residential areas. The land development ordinances of the area recognize and approve tiny homes on wheels as dwelling units for people. However, tiny homes cannot be less than 400 sq ft including accessories. 

We build our tiny homes or small houses on wheels to allow for easy movement and mobility of the structure. You can decide to travel or move about in your own home. The structure we build affords you adequate compact lodging and the ability to live minimal lives. Owning a tiny home on wheels is one of the best life decisions you can make, and we at Tiny Home Builders can help you make that decision better. You can decide to DIY your tiny house on wheels from scratch, but it’s better to buy one. This is because you’ll be needing loads of experience and expertise to craft one. A home should be a comfortable area for you so it’s best to let the best hands do the job. We make a prefabricated tiny house on wheels and they come with the following features:

  • Affordable building plans
  • Elegant and contemporary designs
  • Energy efficiency components

A tiny home on wheels should be able to provide you with the best living opportunity. TinyHomeBuildersTexas.com is better equipped to ensure you live your best life in your small house.

Welcome to Tiny Home Builders, Lynnwood

Tiny Home Builders Lynnwood is a top-rated certified building company with respectable, reliable, expert, and experienced builders. We specialize in crafting small mobile homes throughout Lynnwood and its surrounding areas. We are Lynnwood’s top builders in the tiny home Industry and we provide our customers with the best designs in tiny home construction. We have built countless tiny homes on wheels for customers in Lynnwood over the past ten years and we are still building for both personal and commercial use.

Our tiny homes are crafted to suit your preferred lifestyle. We also understand the need for space so we modify your home to give you just that. A small house does not mean discomfort, and our tiny house on wheels helps you downsize better. All our tiny houses are custom-built, they’re unique and uncommon. This is because each one is built according to a customer’s specific way of life, and our homes are tailored to meet individual needs. 

We also create facilities that fit the tiny lifestyle, such as energy-saving equipment. Here in Lynnwood, we have several tiny homes on wheels that are reasonably priced for rental and purchase.

Tiny Homes On Wheels, Unique In Every Way

Why is the tiny home on wheels movement a growing one? Why do people love to live in small houses? The answers are not far-fetched. With tiny homes, everything becomes better. You adapt to a small space so you focus on your needs. There is less clutter and waste and you can connect better to the environment. 

You also get to save money by building a small house instead of a conventional home with lots of unused space. You can focus on other important areas of your life. 

What more? Our tiny homes are crafted on wheels so you can travel in them. Let us provide all the help you need as you start a tiny lifestyle in Lynnwood.

  • Site Due-Diligence / Feasibility Study
  • Site Plan Creation
  • Floor Plan Drafting
  • Electrical Layout
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Exterior and Interior Renderings
  • Roof Plan
  • Interactive Panoramic VR Renderings


  • Q and A Phone Session
  • Email Inquiry Regarding Architectural Design and Turnkey Construction