There are two legal parks in California where you can park tiny homes on wheels. They are Delta Bay Tiny House Resort and Tiny House Block. Apart from these two, there are other areas that legalize tiny homes on wheels with certain rules and regulations. They include Fresno, San Diego, San Jose, and Los Angeles among others. The most important things to consider when you want to park your tiny homes on wheels are:

  • Is it legal to park in the area you’re planning to live in?
  • Zoning laws
  • Utility Connections


You’ll know more about where to park tiny homes on wheels California in this article.

Can I put a tiny house on wheels on my property in California?

The law about tiny houses on wheels in California is not a statewide law. It is illegal for you to use a tiny house as your permanent house in some states. Some other states allow tiny houses once you can follow the zoning codes.


Tiny house rules and regulations in California are very different. Also, building codes and zoning laws in California are changing fast. Slowly, more cities are allowing you to use a tiny home on wheels. These are the cities that allow tiny home on wheels in California:

  • Fresno
  • San Diego
  • San Jose
  • Los Angeles
  • San Luis Obispo
  • Santa Cruz
  • Humboldt County
  • California City

Tiny Home On Wheels In Fresno

Fresno is a city with plenty of population in the Valley of San Joaquin. The location is a centralized area and offers great benefits. You can enjoy living in the city while you are a short distance away from natural recreational areas. Fresno was the first major city in California that permitted tiny homes on wheels. Tiny living in Fresno is a full time dwelling unit on a residential property.


Fresno’s Code of Ordinances classifies tiny homes as backyard cottages. This means that tiny homes must be on a plot that already has a main home. Also, the tiny home should be between 100 and 440ft². Only one tiny home on wheels can be present with the main home. Finally, your tiny home must compliment the look of your main home.


Fresno’s Rules For Tiny Homes

  • Interior least lot size of six thousand square feet
  • A largest floor area measuring four hundred and forty square feet
  • You can include a kitchen
  • You do not need an area for extra parking
  • You cannot use a separate utility meter. Likewise, you must use the same one the main dwelling uses.
  • Your tiny home on wheels must be at the back of the main home
  • The entrance of the tiny home must not be visible to the street.
  • You can use only one tiny home on one lot.
  • You cannot use the tiny home as your main home.

Tiny Homes On Wheels In Humboldt County

Humboldt County is a rural area on the North Coast of California. It is less centralized than Fresno and more conventional. Humboldt County offers several mountain ranges that you would enjoy. It is home to lots of forests. Humboldt considers tiny homes on wheels as a vehicle for dwelling. If you want to park your tiny home in a rural area, Humboldt County is perfect! It is a location that keeps you away from the crowds in the city.


The ordinance for tiny homes on wheels in Humboldt County is quite different. Tiny homes on wheels must have a space of 120 – 400 ft² where you can live. This space does not include loft areas. Inland areas of Humboldt County allow you to park your tiny home on wheels. Still, you must follow any of the  extra local laws.


Humboldt County’s Rules For Tiny Homes On Wheels Must

  • Have a license from the department of motor vehicles in California
  • Have the approval of an inspector accredited through ASTM and qualified
  • Not be able to move due to its own power
  • Tiny homes on wheels must be towable by a fifth-wheel connection
  • Include areas for basic activities such as sleeping, sanitation, and kitchen
  • Follow local building codes.
  • Follow health and safety code
  • Qualify as a permanent dwelling

Tiny Homes On Wheels In San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo is a nice area off the central coast of California. It is a city with beautiful history, art, and culture. San Luis Obispo was also one of the first cities in California to make updated housing laws. These laws allow tiny homes on wheels. San Luis Obispo code of ordinances permits you to have only one tiny home on wheels on a property.


Also, you will have to submit an application for your tiny homes on wheels. Then, your home will undergo inspection every three to five years. The purpose of this inspection is to extend the permit of your tiny home on wheels. Besides, the size of your tiny home must be a living space between 100 – 400 ft² excluding loft areas.


San Luis Obispo Rules For Tiny Homes On Wheels

  • Tiny Homes on wheels must meet the needs of new detached accessory dwelling units. These include height, setback, and applicable zoning needs.
  • Only one tiny home on wheels can be on a parcel.
  • A tiny home on wheel cannot stay together with a conventional accessory home.
  • The tiny home on wheels will undergo maintenance. This will be according to the Property Maintenance Standards
  • Tiny homes on wheels must be towards the back of the main home
  • The design must be like that of a traditional home
  • The walls, floors, and ceilings must have insulation

Communities In California Where Tiny Homes On Wheels Is Legal

A good option for you as a tiny home dweller is to live in recreational parks that legalize tiny homes. You can also share a tiny home community with other tiny home dwellers. There are two parks in California where tiny homes on wheels are legal. They are:

  • Delta Bay Tiny House Resort
  • Tiny House Block


Delta Bay Tiny House Resort

Delta Bay Tiny House Resort has its location on the waterfront of the San Joaquin River. It is a legal home community in the City of Isleton that offers rental on tiny homes. You can also rent long-term and short-term parking space for your tiny home on wheels. You can occupy one tiny home with only one other partner and two animals in Delta Bay. The monthly rental pay is an average of $1,500 and changes from time to time.


Tiny House Block

Tiny House Block is in Mount Laguna, an area that the Cleveland National Forest surrounds. It is a legal tiny home community in Southern California. Tiny House Block allows you to pay long term and short term rent for your tiny home on wheels. They also have existing tiny homes on wheels that they rent to people in the community. You get to pay an average cost of $800 – $900 monthly to park your tiny home on wheels there. These prices also include utilities, but change sometimes.


Tiny homes on wheels offer you a peaceful and simple lifestyle. Still, searching for a legal place to park your tiny home on wheels in California can be difficult. This is because tiny homes on wheels do not have a legal classification in many California areas.

This article tells you the areas where you can park your tiny home on wheels in California. Pay close attention to the rules stated for each area, and your tiny home on wheels is good to go.


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